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Hand Wax $150

Protect and beautify your vehicle's finish.

Paint Sealant $200

Long lasting "triple plate" polymer protection to preserve a high gloss finish.

De-Ox $200

Remove light oxidation and minor scratches while producing a brilliant shine.

Spot Polish $99/hr

Remove scratches, without polishing the entire vehicle.  

Fabric Guard $125

Protect against unexpected spills, and ground in dirt.  Like an invisible seat cover.  

Leather Condition $125

Keep your leather moisturized to prevent seats from drying, fading and cracking.

Vinyl Protection $75

Keep your interior/exterior vinyl trim protected and looking its best.   

Engine Detail $125

Complete the look, while letting your engine run cooler and more efficiently by removing built up dirt and grime.  

Polishing from $399

Restore your vehicle's new car shine and luster. Our certified paint restoration techs are the best in the business. Choose from a quick polish all the way up to a complete revitalization of your vehicle's factory paint, resulting in a flawless better than showroom finish