Company Profile 


Feel Great About Your Car

Auto Details Inc. founded in 1993, is the multiple award winning, often copied, never duplicated, make you feel great about your car company. We have the best technicians, the best shop and the BEST customers! We work on all types of vehicles, so come on down and see how we make you feel great about your car! 

With over twenty years of refinishing experience, a relentless drive to succeed, and an almost obsessive attention to service, Auto Details has gone from a few vehicles per week “out of a garage” type of business, into the success story it is today. We are committed to providing you with an exceptional experience every time you walk through our doors. 

Auto Details is passionate about what we do and how we do it! We treat your car like one of our own and we encourage everyone to sign up for the VIP mailing list. Feel free to stop by anytime and take a tour to learn why our shop is best for you! 


Our Team

Auto Details Hires The Best


Auto Details understands better than most that a business is only as good as the employees. With that being said, our reputation as the premier shop attracts the highest quality individuals. We hire only the best and turn away less than qualified applicants. Every employee at Auto Details takes great pride in their work, and we take great pride in them.



"Hands On" C.E.O

He's not only the face of Auto Details, but its driving force as well. Over the years Des' entrepreneuring spirit has taken on a lot of other responsibilities in both his professional and personal life; (two dogs, two cats and membership in multiple business and community organizations, such as the Stollery, EO Edmonton, Edmonton Executives Association, Royal Glenora Club, Edmonton Humane Society and many more). Giving back to the community is a constant priority in Des' life.

Still, Des remains loyal to his first passion. Most days you will still find him here working away, sharing suggestions, or playing practical jokes on everyone. Des has wide range of interests, some of which include; anything car related, motorcycles, bicycles of all kinds, and long boarding. He's also into adventure travel, surfing and SUP (stand up paddling), not to mention a dedicated family man who loves spending time with his beautiful wife and two beautiful children.



Auto Details Customer Relations

Brian is Desmond's friend and business partner. They have been working together since 1996. Brian splits his time up front at Auto Details and Head of Operations with our Dream Garage division.

Brian is passionate about cars and it shows. Always ready with a suggestion or helpful advice to educate the car loving public. Brian's easy going nature makes for a fun loving guy by all.



Head of Small Damage Repair

Chris is also Desmond's friend and business partner, and has been for over 10 years. He started from the bottom and now is on top! His hard work and loyalty has paid off (he never leaves the shop). Chris is responsible for the start to finish outcome of your small damage repair (some call it magic).

In his spare time Chris enjoys cooking, movies and having tea parties with his daughter Mackenzie. 




Dawna is excellent in all aspects of auto detailing and customer service. She is workhorse, jack of all trades and has been with us for over five years. She has proven to be a valuable asset to the Auto Details' crew. 

Not many can do it all, but Dawna does and customers love her for it. 




Steph is an Auto Details workaholic. You can find her at the shop before, after and during work hours. She is currently our Polishing "Guru" in the making. Steph is the most efficient detailer at Auto Details and is a pleasure to work with.  

When Steph isn't working, she enjoys spending time with her sisters (she is one of three identical triplets), hanging out with her cat Auto, and lounging on Whyte Ave looking at classic cars. 


Are you a young, enthusiastic, individual with a great attitude and passion for cars? Stop by our shop, we would love to meet you!